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Night Hunting

For the last several years, Bettin Custom Guns has invested heavily in thermal and night vision imaging for hunting coyotes at night. We have acquired a healthy amount of experience with different scopes, monoculars, and hunting equipment and have harvested over 200 Iowa coyotes with the various thermal and night vision setups. Having accumulated a large amount of familiarity and knowledge about several brands through real-world hunting experience right here in Iowa, we feel we can make educated recommendations to our customers. Not only what works but what DOESN’T work. What works for hog hunting in Texas is not necessarily the same thing that works good for coyotes in the Midwest. 


Understanding all the differences in thermal/night vision terminology, quality, and options can be overwhelming to many people. Our goal is to use our experience to help each individual customer decide what is best for their particular type of hunting and budget. Then, we can provide them with a complete, turn-key package based off their needs and budget. 















At this time, we are a dealer for both Pulsar and Sightmark. We also have firsthand experience with ATN, Trijicon and N-Vision, as well as a good understanding of the differences between most of the scopes on the market from entry level to the very top end devices. We will be testing some new devices coming on the market as well. 


Currently, we will be offering complete night hunting setups for customers which will include installation of their thermal on a rifle as well as some basic training and tips on their use.


We can also get multiple different monoculars – both handheld and helmet mounted – and help customers pick the correct one for their budget and use. Helmet mounting optics can be confusing at times, but they are THE way to go for night hunting. We can help you put together a system that will be extremely functional and ready to use.

















Nighttime optics are not cheap- there are too many options to list all the prices. However, there are multiple options available to get into night hunting on an entry level budget. Let us help you sort through the options and get you set up with your budget in mind. One thing's for certain, it is the most addictive sport we have ever experienced!!


Watch some of our personal hunting videos on our YouTube channel. These are all videos taken by us right here in Iowa with our personal thermal equipment over the last several years. We make more videos frequently and will try to keep adding more as we go.

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