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AR-15 Rifles

We are now offering semi-custom AR-15 rifles using the best components in the industry. We have teamed up with our long-term ally in the firearms industry - Satern Custom Machine.

​​Satern barrels are not cheap hammer forged barrels like most AR barrels in the industry. These are high-quality button rifled barrels made by Satern right here in Iowa. The barrel is what makes a rifle accurate, and these barrels really shoot! For those who want longer range accuracy - beyond 400 yds - talk to us about installing a Satern cut rifled barrel. They are the most accurate barrel in the industry. We are also using Satern’s AR 15 lowers for all our builds. These are super high quality lowers built in Satern’s facility. 


The standard AR package will have the following components:

  • Satern Custom Machine upper/lower​​

  • Satern button rifled barrel (standard is 16”-18” midgas system) 

    • other lengths available in limited numbers

    • cut rifled barrels optional depending on availability

  • Hogue rubber over molded adjustable stock and hand grip

  • Rise Armament after-market triggers

  • Midwest Industry handguards (exact model/length may vary depending on availability)

  • Falcon 37 HABU charging handles


The basic AR 15 we are currently building will retail for $2200. Some options/chamberings will vary in price.

See our “Rifles for sale” page for availability and prices of rifles we have in-stock and ready to ship.


 We will be offering chamberings in:

  • .223/5.56 NATO

  • 6.5 Grendel

  • 300 Blackout

  • 6 mm ARC (coming soon)

  • 450 Bushmaster


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