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About Us

Bettin Custom Guns is not our family’s primary business. We feel that it is important for our customers to know our situation ahead of time to help avoid as many misunderstandings as possible.

Dr Todd Bettin is a full time Veterinarian that owns and operates a solo practice in rural Iowa. His area of interest and specialization is orthopedic surgery. Precision and attention to detail are two of the most important requirements in surgery. These traits are also critical in building precision rifles, and Dr Bettin’s skills in this area serve him well in the gun business.

Due to his very busy and constantly changing schedule, the most effective correspondence for us is via email. This allows him to correspond with customers when he gets a few minutes between appointments in his work day. Email also provides a permanent form of communication that allows one to go back and review details that are easily forgotten or missed during a phone conversation.

Please email us with any questions, we WILL answer all emails. If a situation arises that we need to talk in person, we will make arrangements to do so. Hopefully this won’t inconvenience anyone, but it’s the only way we can effectively take care of everyone’s questions.


Todd Bettin
Teresa Bettin

Todd owns Bettin Custom Guns with his wife Teresa. 

Todd’s business partner and wife of 28 years. She helps with managing the business and with the stock building.

Chuck Bettin

Chuck built and runs the CNC filament winding machine that we use for producing the composite reinforced barrels. He has spent hundreds of hours prototyping and developing our new reinforcement process

Sherman Seelinger

Sherman is a mechanical engineer and owns SES Prototyping . Sherman has been instrumental in the development of our detachable magazine system, muzzle brakes and our new barrel reinforcement process.

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